Art therapy

In palliative care, the key aim of Art Therapy is to provide emotional comfort and relief to our patients and their families.

Participants need not have any art experience or expertise. Supported by the art therapist, they can choose how they wish to use art materials for expression and communication.

Art therapy can help:

  • Promote a sense of well-being through body and mind integration activities
  • Support safe expression of pent-up feelings and overwhelming thoughts when words are inadequate
  • Enable children to cope with experience of illness, loss and grief
  • Enhance parents’ understanding of a child’s inner world experience and emotional needs


“My feeling of loneliness is released bit by bit. It is important not to keep feelings to yourself as it will only give you more burden to carry on”   – A patient


“Art therapy provided a way to de-stress… directed my attention away from pain and worries, and motivated me to do my best for my loved ones.” – A parent