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If you would like your child to be seen by Star PALS, ask your paediatrician or attending doctor at the hospital to make a referral.

Your child should be:

  • 19 years or below in age and
  • currently under the care of a Paediatrician for a life-threatening or life-limiting condition

Your doctor can also make an e-referral through the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) website ( or download the common referral form from theĀ bottom of this page, and fax the completed form to 6352 2030.

Information required in the application include

  • your child’s bio data
  • a summary of his/her medical condition
  • your doctor’s assessment of outstanding issues and how Star PALS can help.

If your child’s condition is appropriate for us to be involved, we will then arrange to meet with you and your child at home.

Admission Charges

Each patient registered under the Star PALS programme would be paying a nominal monthly service charge. This is tiered according to per capita monthly income.

The structure is illustrated below

Up to $ 1300
Above $ 1300 up to $2200
Above $ 2200


For those families who have difficulty paying the monthly fees, charity funding may be arranged through respective medical social workers. In this way, every child who can benefit from Paediatric Palliative Care support can enjoy the service.

For medical professionals:

To make a referral, please download a form here and fax the completed document to 6352 2030.