Frequently Asked Questions


What is Paediatric Palliative care?

This is a type of specialised care delivered by trained professionals, including medical as well as allied health practitioners such as counsellors and therapists. The team’s objective is to improve the quality of life for children who are suffering from life-threatening or life-limiting conditions.

What are life-threatening or life-limiting conditions?

A child suffering from the former may be critically ill at some point but has a chance of getting well. The latter refers to medical conditions that compromise the chance of children living with these illnesses ever attaining adulthood.

Is palliative care the same as hospice care?

Palliative care is best described as supportive care for a child whether he or she has a chance of cure or remission, whether on or off medical treatment. It starts with diagnosis of a serious condition and extends occasionally to hospice care. Hospice care traditionally refers to end-of-life care.

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How can Star PALS help my child?

It often depends on what the needs are. It can range from dealing with symptoms that make our young patients uncomfortable, helping with going back to school while being treated or reducing the need to go back to the hospitals so often by bringing some of these services to the home. Star PALS’ reach extends to the rest of the family. Ensuring that the parents or other caregivers have the right skills and knowledge to look after the sick child at home, while supporting them emotionally, are some of the things we do to help. Equipment loans or financial counselling may be arranged if needed. Medi Minders are our ‘special forces’ to give weary carers much needed breaks from the 24/7 care.

What are Medi Minders?

These passionate partners are not medically trained professionals. However they have been trained by us to deliver basic care to the child under home guidance. The medical professionals on the Star PALS team are also available to respond to any emergent issues while the child is under our care. We hope that this special arrangement can allow caregivers and parents to have some hours for themselves.

Does my child continue to see his/her own specialist after enrolment?

We would very much encourage that. In Star PALS, we believe that every healthcare worker in the network of care can improve a child’s quality of life. We work to coordinate a suitable model of care for each family based on their needs.

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How often will the home visits be made?

We will try and meet with you as soon as we receive the referral from your specialist. After that, visits will be conducted fortnightly (on an average), dependent on your child’s condition. These visits are all planned to suit a family’s time schedule as much as possible.

What happens if my child attends school every day?

Star PALS can also meet with our families at the child’s school or other locations of choice if it is necessary. The school authorities would have to allow us access. If a child’s condition is stable with a comfortable daily routine and caregivers are confident of seeing to a large part of his/her needs after our involvement, we are happy to discharge the child temporarily from our service. Should our help be needed again, we are definitely contactable.

How much do I pay to come under Star PALS?

Our patients go through a process called means testing where the per capita household income is evaluated. A tiered monthly fee is levied from the results of the exercise. The fee structure is illustrated in the section “Admission Charges” on our sign up page. Click here for the information. Either a medical social worker at the hospital or our staff can advise you when we meet.

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